About us


Open x Source is a streetwear Label based on street-art. Founded in Brooklyn, NY in 2016, we distinguish ourselves from the pack by using street-art in our clothing pieces. 

The term Open Source stems from the programming/software industry, and what it means is to have everyone be able to contribute to a certain goal, regardless of background, color, location sexuality etc. By working together, we can improve anything. This is also valid in the Hip Hop industry, where sampling an older work, leads to a whole new musical piece. It is this philosophy that states that anything can be improved or remixed to create something unique. 

We take that philosophy and apply it to art and street-art as we ourselves are always inspired by other art or artists, wether that's music or visual arts or any form of art. We take that inspiration and create something truly unique thus that you get "art inspired by art". Combine this with fresh cut-and-sewn clothing, and what you have is a unique piece of clothing that has it's roots in the Open Source philosophy.

Open x Source is born.